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How Can I “Mod” “Grand Theft Auto: Episodes In Liberty City” For “Xbox 360”?


By “Enhancing”, I mean mod, or modding. I went to “Youtube” about a month ago to watch videos of players for the game, and happened upon a section where people showed off their mods for all three Grand Theft Auto sequels of the original “Grand Theft Auto IV”. I was amazed, and astounded by what I saw, and I wanted it too! The new stuff they had, the invincibility, and the new cars and everything! I had already known about modding, but did’nt know how to do it, so just last weekend, I decided I would try it, so went to “Google”, typed in “TBoGT Mods”, and found them on several different websites. I immediately downloaded them onto several of my memory sticks, and went to town, downloading a series of mods, making sure that I didn’t have to pay for each one. Unfortunately, no matter how much I followed the directions, and stuck the memory stick into the USB ports of my Xbox 360 Elite, nothing happened. I don’t understand the directions for “modding”, but I want to do those really awesome things too! How do you turn them on? How do they work? Can you give me better directions? If I can’t follow these directions, is there another way to achieve the same results? I just want to know how to “mod” stuff into the game, and learn how to turn these mods on. I don’t intend to cheat online, I just want to have some fun too. New cars, outfits, phonemods, and all, want some of them, but they won’t work, when I add them with a memory stick.

To me, modding definitely seems interesting, but I don’t know how files work, and I’m really frustrated, because I joined two different sites, in order to gain access to their mods, but nothing I do seems to work! Also, I was told on my question about what modding was, that it was not illegal, and then another place said it was, so I’m confused Right Now.

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