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Viewing other computers with a PS3?


Hey, I just purchased a ps3 and I was fooling around the system and I can somehow access someone elses music files from their computer. How is this possible? Do they know that I am viewing their songs and can they do the same to my own?

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  1. It has to be on your internet network, you cant just go on anyone elses, and they have to set up a media server uses an application like ps3 media server

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    and you have to choose a file, and then you can veiw or copy the music, video, and pictures that is in that folder.

  2. You probably searched media servers. I’m not sure if they can know but they have a program open. Once they close that, your access will too. I do this with Vuze but when I shut the computer or exit Vuze, it goes alway. I don’t notice any change in the desktop.

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