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Battlefield 3 PS3 Sound issues?


Hello everyone!

I purchased BF3 Limited Edition for PS3 today, and am having a bit of trouble with the sound. Everything was working fine until I hit about the 4th mission. The dialogues in the cinematic sound muffled. Once I am in game, I can hear normal gun fire and environment, but dialogues (team members or radio) are either nonexistent or dim and muffled. I know people are talking because I have subtitles on, but otherwise it would just be silence.

Has anyone had the same problem and has a solution? I’ve tried playing around with the Home theatre, Hi-fi in the in-game settings etc. to no avail. My ps3 is connected by optical audio cable to my home cinema.

Many thanks!

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  1. your ps3 is simply a inferior piece of equipment

    please follow the steps below

    1. take ur ps3 and rip out of your entertainment system or however you have it set up

    2. a) throw it in a trash can

    b) smash it with a hammer

    c) gently lay it in trashcan

    or any combination of the above as long as it end up in the trash can

    3. go to the store and buy an xbox 360 or a gaming pc

    4. buy xbox live or sign up for steam

    5. enjoy your new system.

  2. Clear the cache for the game on your ps3 it does it on the xbox when I throw a batarang on Arkham city I lost the sound for it but if you clear the cache it clears all the glitches

  3. Dont worry, maybe is a game issue because i have the same prblem with the PC version of the game, the game runs fine (26- 40 fps), but sometimes the sound lags especially i closed areas and in the prologue mission (the train).

    We need to wait until dice patch the game for the PC and PS3, i dont know if the game have issues on xbox but its plausible

  4. Turn on DTS in the PS3 sound settings. I used the auto configure option and it had that disabled. Checking it will restore your dialogue.

  5. Yahoo answers is full of Xbox fans and there all little kids.

    In the sound options select Home Cinema.

    Xbox fans are just jealous because their system doesn’t have Linear Pcm 5.1/ Dolby TrueHd, probably still uses analog 2.0 or some kinda of speaker you buy at walgreens for better sound.

  6. Great. Finally I found someone has the same problem. I don’t know the reason actually. But it happens when I play battlefield or ace combat assault horizon , I think it is the fault of the new system software upgrade. I have the new Sony’s Wireless stereo headset when I use it , it solves the problem just in Battlefield 3 and that is so lame. I can’t use the headset always I have people playing with me too. I hope you find a solution.

  7. I have the same problem – poor sound in multiplayer through my TV, but the sound is ok through the wireless headset. I had a similar problem with GTA IV complete, Rockstar’s solution was to remove the install data and retry. Not the game saves, but the game data (in game data utility in XMB). This worked for GTA IV. It may also work with Battlefield 3, I haven’t tried yet.

    Edit, can confirm that removing install data and reinstalling does NOT work.

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