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can i send in my xbox 360 to get fixed if the warranty is up in a couple of days?


i got the red ring of death the error e 74 i think? but i went on xbox.com and asked for a repair and it said that my warranty was up today i did this monday. i just need to know if i need to get a new xbox. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. You can get a free repair as long as you registered for the repair before the warranty ran out. I think the site still only lists the 1 year warranty details. The E74 error is covered for an additional 2 years after that warranty runs out. Same with the real Red Ring of Death.

  2. Damn man srry to hear about that. Try loggin into xbox website and renewing your warranty asap if you cant next option is to call xbox and see if you can do it over the phone. As an xbox owner your gna have to always be on top of your warranty because once its too late and expired theres nothing you can do about it. Do not send it in a coffin to microsoft! If you cant get any assistance to renew your warranty online or via phone ur gna have to get a new box. Keep your old one around tho maybe you’ll meet someone that can fix it and you will have 2 boxes (befreind an electrical engineer and tell him to re solder the cg chip inside). Dp not do the towel trick. Id suggest purchasing the Xbox type S as the red ring is now obselete in that console. Best of luck

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