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Can you download games from Xbox Live to a USB Flash Drive?


I have the 4GB Xbox and have a USB Flash Drive. Could I download games from Xbox Live straight to the Flash Drive, without ever touching my hard drive?

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  1. Yes. Just change the storage device when you go to install it. It will only be playable with your account, however. So, when you take it to another Xbox system (which is what I assume you are trying to do here) you will need to download your profile on that system in order to play the game. Alternatively, you could store your profile on that same flash drive, then you’ve got everything you need to play it right there.

  2. First off I don’t understand what you mean by “without ever touching my hard drive”, because to get things on to a USB flash drive you use a USB port, and an Xbox 360 hard drive doesn’t have one. You can get the game using your USB in the Xbox 360 console’s USB ports (I think) BUT you can’t use it on other consoles. This is because whenever you download something on to your Xbox 360 it gives you two licenses which are required to play the game, one for your account and one for your console. I thin k there is some way to transfer licenses but I think you can only do it twice per year, which means you couldn’t get the game back if you put it on another Xbox 360. I know that wasn’t your actual question but I thought that might be what you’re intending to do. So to answer your question you can get the game on to your flash drive but you can’t use them on another console. Also if you need more memory I would recommend just buying a bigger hard drive, they aren’t very expensive and are a one time buy, and you can use a transfer kit to move your saves over.

    I hope this helps (sorry if it’s a bit long)!

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