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Friend sold me an Xbox 360, he now wants more money, what do I do?


One of my best friends sold me an Xbox 360 the other day.

It was sold as a 4gb Xbox 360, and we both thought it was a 4gb Xbox at the time of sale. He got the Xbox for free, from one of his parents ex-partners originally.

I paid him £60 at the time, and when I got it home realised it had around 320gb of space on it, as a harddrive had been installed. I told him it had more space on it, and he let it go.

A few days later he is asking to come round and dismantle the Xbox, to give him the hardrive back, so he can trade it in, for £40.

Bare in my he is one of my best friends, and I have given him a free PS3 controller in the past, when I sold my PS3. What do you think of this? Personally I don’t think I will give him a penny, knowing he will fall out with me – would you?

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  1. in a legal manner, he has already made the sale and is over and done with- you don’t need to and shouldn’t pay him a penny more.

    He sold it to you as what he thought, it doesn’t matter what he has found out since then. it is his loss.

    Do not give him a penny more! He doesn’t seem like any sort of friend to do this to you in the first place!

    I hope it all works out for you, but I strongly recommend that you leave it at that. He has no right to do that to you love x

  2. It depends how far your friendship goes.personally I would give it back. It’s an honest thing to do since neither of you knew. It was nice of you to tell him that. If I was him I would of let you keep it since you actually PAID him what you thought you were supposed to pay him, however, since it was an EXTRA thing and neither of you were aware that it was more than 4gb it’s only right to give him that part back.

    That’s only fair-even if he is just going to sell it. Anything else (like trying to keep it) will most likely cause conflict in your friendship, and he probably won’t see you as trustworthy. It kind of sucks for you no matter what happens though honestly. If you give it back-you’re going to be kind of pissed. But if you don’t give it back it will be a big issue (probably).

  3. Forget it. Even as friends if you settled for an amount and the exchange was done, you should be able to keep it. There’s nothing he can do, just keep it.

  4. tell him tough $%@#% cause you all ready paid the agreed amount and all sales are final.

    If he complains tell him it’s not your fault he had no idea what he had, and when you sell something in the real world you cannot just ask for more money or take it back once you’ve sold it.

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