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Getting a new xbox 360- will I be able to keep all my online progress?


So my xbox has finally succumbed to the infamous open tray error, and since it is still under warranty I have decided to simply get a new one. With recovering my old xbox live membership account (I heard you could do account recovery or something like that) will I keep all my online progress? Messing about with cables and hard drives is too much for a simpleton like me and I wouldn’t really mind losing all my offline progress but I’m really worried about my online (eg. Cod 6 etc.) stuff. Is my online progress enclosed within my xbox live account or is it saved on the hard drive and will I have to transfer it with the rest of my old stuff? The moment I get my new xbox, recover the account and insert the disc will I be able to continue online as i did before?

Sorry for the long rant, I realise questions like this must have been asked before but I am really worried, oh and please not to complicated answers a few sentences long about plugging in this and that because I have no idea (sorry)


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  1. The Xbox Live update on November 1, 2010 caused a large number of Xbox 360 to stop reading official discs and only give an “open tray” message on even non-modded consoles. Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the issue. There is also a new January 19, 2011 update that is now also giving people similar problems.

    There is a very large topic on the November 2010 update problems at the official forums. But it was recently closed by the moderators.

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    There are some new topics on the January 2011 update problems. Simply sign into the forum with your Microsoft Live ID and add your complaint to it to pressure Microsoft to fix it.

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  2. Yes, your online ranks and stats will be recovered with the profile. Those are saved on Xbox Live.

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