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“ghost” switches my ps3 off?


Every night if I fall asleep I will wake up only about an hour or 2 afterwards I will have been watching a dvd like I do every night and my ps3 has switched off and my tv is still on the AV screen at first I thought it was a ps3 setting until one morning I woke up and had been watching Back to the future and the ps3 had remembered where it last was and it was at the part in diner the last part I remember seeing of the film was where he goes to 1955 so only 4 mins after I fell asleep it was off really creepy need to know if it had a setting or if something is doing this to my ps3 and I know its not my parents or brother cause hes only 2

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  1. its probably overheating,you should turn it off if its not used,also to get rid of all your scares about ghosts,that is if you have any,just think of it as a science phenomenon which will change the world

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