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Good 2 player ps3 games for fiance and I?


So I’ve been getting my fiance into video games (go me!), and we’re looking for a few game suggestions. Right now, we’ve been working on her being able to use multiple controls at once. She likes call of duty, but she has a difficult time moving while looking around, and changing weapons while moving and throwing grenades and so on so forth. She LOVES skyrim, but its the same deal – using multiple buttons. Anyway, while we keep working on her gaming skills, we’re looking for some good 2 player games.

Shes likes call of duty (doing spec ops on modern warfare 2, and co op campaign on world at war. and zombies of course. lots of zombies.), and she loves open map games like fallout 3/new vegas and oblivion/skyrim. I’ve never played borderlands (which is crazy considering I have 100% on Fallout new vegas and I LOVE open map games like that), and I’ve also heard that resident evil 5 is good.

Little Big Planet isn’t really our deal – and she doesn’t like sports games.

Thanks for all the suggestions 😀

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  1. Sounds fun!

    What I recommend:

    Borderlands 2(Fantastic co-op)

    Portal 2(Love It!)

    Resident Evil 5(You will have fun playing it with your fiancee)

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