Home Playstation Forum Good hdtv for ps3 (eventually ps4)?

Good hdtv for ps3 (eventually ps4)?


One that’s at least 32″

And I need it with low input lag


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  1. Check out this list. [url is not allowed]. Choose one that has 1080p because games on the PS4 will run in 1080p. Anything below 40ms for input lag is considered good. I suggest you choose the TV with the best rated picture quality, that also has low input lag. To me, picture quality is more important than a little lag,especially because the only time you really see input lag is in FPS, like COD and BF games.

  2. when it comes to gaming you really need is a plasma tv due to there response time is 0.001ms compared to led/lcd tv and they do NOT have input lag or motion blur compared to led/lcd tv

    but the bad news news plasma tv start around the 42″

    if you do decide to buy a plasma tv get a panasonic due to they are the best

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