Home Playstation Forum got new ps3 and need help with HDMI cable?

got new ps3 and need help with HDMI cable?


bought PS3 yesterday, bought HDMI cable today when i noticed that the PS3 doesnt come with component cables.

Now do i connect both HDMI cables AND the AV cables it came with from the PS3 to my TV? or just the HDMI cable? thanks

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  1. Just connect the HDMI cable. The HDMI converts the signal in digital format. so both video and sound are transmitted by a single cable.

  2. just hdmi cables

    av cables are yellow for video, red for left audio, and white for right audio(or other way around)

    hdmi cable have video and audio all inside.

    plug the hdmi cable from your system and your tv and while your ps3 is turn off, hold down your power button until it makes a 2 beep it will swtich from av to hdmi and hdmi to av if you need to go back.

  3. I would connect both and switch the display and audio settings so that the PS3 uses the HDMI cable. After that I would disconnect the AV cables.

  4. The PS3 only uses one connection at a time. If you use HDMI you can’t use AV. and vice versa. you can have both connectioned but only one will be active and in use

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