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Gta 5 or the last of us?


Which one should i buy gta 5 or the last of us for ps3 don’t tell both i will buy another game next month

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  1. Go with GTA V it’s the game of the year for me

    If you buy a gta v you will love it

    And then you will get gta online for free!!

    Gta online is very amazing!!

    But if you go with the last of us after you complete the story

    You won’t play it again cause you will get some kind of bored

  2. GTA 5 is an open world do-anything-you-want type of game. The Last of Us is an amazing game, with an outstanding story. The Last of Us has some wonky A.I at times, but it is still my favorite game on the PS3. I would go with The Last of Us and just get GTA 5 later.

  3. If you like zombie games go for the last of us. It has amazing graphics and a great story.

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