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Halo 3 – Look Both Ways Achievement question?


alrite, for the Look Both Ways achievement (50G), it requires you to get a splatter spree on a Legendary Map. my question is, lets say I am on Avalanche, and I want to use a ghost for my splatters. lets say, i get 1 or 2 splatters. ARE YOU ALLOWED TO GET OFF THE GHOST (TO GET OVERSHIELD/ACTIVE CAMO) ONCE YOU HAVE GOTTEN A KILL, THEN GET BACK ON AND CONTINUE YOUR SPREE? or does the spree count return to 0? and does it have to be the same Ghost, or can i get a new one?

i ask this becuz i saw vids on youtube where the people got off the ghost, but then when i got my 5 kills in a ghost, i got on and off, and it didnt give it to me?

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  1. As long as you get 5 splatter kills in a row (without dying!) you will unlock the achievement.

    Yes you can get out of the ghost.

  2. I’m pretty sure the spree count only returns to 0 if you die. So what happened to you makes no sense. You should be able to change ghosts, get an overshield, whatever, and continue your spree as long as you don’t die.

  3. as long as you dont kill anyone else or die it doesnt matter. so yeah you can get off to get oversheild.

  4. I just killed them all by turbo.

    I would try to do it without getting out of the ghost just to double check to make sure the achievement isn’t glitched or anything.

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