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Help! Oblivion keeps freezing when loading game?


Whenever I try to load my newest saved game or even newest autosave in Oblivion, my entire Xbox just freezes, Its never done this before and it was working fine earlier today. I’ve tried clearing the cache, I’ve tried installing the game, I’ve tried loading an earlier save, which worked but it was an extremely old save and I really don’t want to have to continue from THAT far back. I tried saving it to cloud storage, I’ve tried playing it without the updates (after clearing the cache), I’ve tried reinstalling the updates, I’ve tried everything I can think of. I really want to finish the rest of the mages guild quests so that I’ll have completed every achievement in the game before I get Skyrim. What else is there I could do?

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  1. It’s an Xbox. It does crap like that.

    Neither of my Fallout games (my favorite games ever!) work anymore. The Xbox completely freezes (as you described.)

    Can’t wait to ditch the crap console and get a PS3!

  2. Sounds like a corrupted file save. Usually only way to get around is delete save from memory and try different save. Sorry must suck

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