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help with xbox live?


heyi dont no how to setup- my xbox live i have a enthernet cable and a motorola surfbord cable modem with optus internet i plug the enthernet cable into my xbox 360 and then i test the conection it says its foud it but then it cant find the ip address how can i do it

canyou plz help thanks

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  1. you may want to try putting in the IP address in manually and see if that works and if it doesnt then just call microsoft

  2. you need a router. it hooks to your modem and splits the connection. you dont NEED one but it is recommended because then you can get on the computer and xbox live.

    set the ip settings on the xbox to automatic. or get on your computer and go to http://www.ipchicken.com and it shows your ip. copy it down into your xbox ip settings

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