Home Playstation Forum How do i hook up my ps3 to my tv?

How do i hook up my ps3 to my tv?


I have an old box sony tv with a video and audio cord slot. I want to hook it up to my emerson dvd/vhs player and from there to my ps3. Or if i can go straight to the ps3 that would be great :D. Using just the cables i got with the ps3 dont seem to work since the tv only has two spots from the cords.

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  1. if it has just two slots that means youll only be able to play with mono sound.

    the yellow plug is for video, white for audio left, and red for audio right

    if you want to use your dvd plug the cords into the video in and audio in slots.

    youll have to go to the right line in channel on the dvd player

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