Home Xbox Forum how do i turn my xbox 360 into a computer?

how do i turn my xbox 360 into a computer?


actually i sall some video on youtube and a link to directions on how to do it but i cant find it anymore 🙁 but it really shows this person who’s gutted his 360 and put computer parts anyone know were i can find it?

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  1. I dont see the benefits of doing that.youd pretty much just be making a computer with a better graphics card.how would that help?

  2. A 360 is a computer as is every other electronic device like a calculator for example. A 360 has basically all of the main components that a PC has. The problem is, you would have to mod the Xbox with some sort of browser, which for one will get you kicked off of Xbox Live anyway so it would be pointless. As of right now there is now web browser for a 360. I’d recommend not even to try unless you want a permanent ban on Xbox Live.

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