Home Xbox Forum How much is a Xbox Live Gold?

How much is a Xbox Live Gold?


How much is a one year subscription to Gold currently?

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  1. I bought mine for around $40 at gamestock.ecrater.com. You CAN save money if you shop around.

  2. The price for 1 year of Xbox Live gold ranges from $49.99 – $59.99. Recently, they had this thing where you could get one month of Xbox Live Gold for $1.00 or buy 12 and get a year’s worth for $12.00. Unfortunately, that’s over now.

    Hope my answer helped you to resolve your issue. 🙂

  3. depends on what you want. The one’s I know of are the 3- month and the 12 + 1 month. the 3 month is $19.99. and the 12 + 1 month is $50.00

  4. 4 dollars a month or 50 a year from Microsoft amazon has some for cheaper or you can just go buy gold cards from stores and such like target walmart or best buy hope this helps

  5. $50 per year if you buy from microsoft, but at amazon you can get a 13 month subscription card for $45.

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