Home Playstation Forum How to portfoward for westell 7500 for ps3?

How to portfoward for westell 7500 for ps3?


My nat’s on moderate and I’m always on a 3 bar.

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  1. it should be like any other router , to start you need open the routers menu by using the disc it came with or following the directions on the manufacturers website ( basically use your default ip address in a web browser while your pc is plugged into the router with the ethernet cable )

    now look in the settings and there will be a menu for port forwarding , it will have several lines separated into two sections and look something like this from _ to _ – put in the port numbers you want to forward ( also called port opening ) in this format – eg. you want to forward port tcp 4223 , – you put it in like this – from tcp 4223 – to tcp 4223

    if you want to forward a range of ports such as tcp 10070-10080 you put from tcp 10070 to tcp 10080

    that’s basically all you do , look up the list of ports you need to forward by goggling psn ports list and use that list to port forward the correct ports

    when you are in the routers settings I recommend you also check for fw updates to see if your routers has any updates to improve performance , it works the same as updating a ps3 , you search for updates , if any are found the router software downloads the files and them

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