Home Playstation Forum I have been getting problems with my ps3!Help?

I have been getting problems with my ps3!Help?


I am really into playing games but,I am kind of dissapointed.My ps3 is not able to let me play one of my ps2 games.

The game is: The Matrix Path Of Neo.There is a message on the screen that says.The game I am triying to play is unavailable and I need to update my ps3.However I do not want to go in all the trouble of connecting my ps3 online.

Can anybody come up with a solution or advice.I would really appriciate if someone gave me an answer to this question.

I do Not know what to do this problem has also happened with another game called True Crime:New York City

Help Me with this problem thx.

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  1. well it is intended for online ul need to up date it its all free unlike xbox no probs with it going online and it cant get vireses and if its the 80gb ps3 u need a software dowlode frome the playstation store and its free theres usaly an up date evry month for new feteres like new video formats that can be playd so on so forth more sacuritys instald and all that good stuff plus ul be abel to play online with the games too and its free gust need to register for the PSN playstathon net work and agin unlike the 360 its FREE

  2. Updating your ps3 is the only way for that game to work for you. Just get a router and get one of your friends, or one family member to hook it up for you and to set it up for you

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