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Is it safe to download Minecraft Xbox 360 maps?


I’m really wanting to download some fun maps for me and my friends to play on xbox 360. I just want to know is it safe to download maps. I will use an 8gb flash drive that’s never been used. I know I have to download Horizon on my computer and move my profile and everything. If I download a map will it give my computer a virus and then transfer it to my flash drive and then transfer it to my xbox. I don’t want my computer or xbox to get a virus so is this a safe thing to do. If it’s not I won’t download any maps. Have you ever downloaded minecraft maps to your xbox 360 and did it work fine. If someone could tell me if there’s a risk or not I would appreciate it. Thanks

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  1. Hey,

    If you are looking for a free download of Minecraft you can check here: [url is not allowed]

    it’s a perfectly working link, no scam!

    It’s a must have game.

  2. It’s safe as long as its a very trusted site. If you find a small, unknown site with like 1 map if you hit download its probably a child porn video and a major virus.

  3. If you use something like modio, i have been told its safe, also you don’t have to download your profile if you use modio, just an average saved game that you can transfer to your usb tells you what your profile id is and your console id.

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