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Is it worthwhile pre-ordering the Playstation Four?


I was wondering about pre-ordering the Playstation Four, I know Sony will likely update the console to have more memory and perhaps tweak it’s appearance so should I pre-order it or wait to see if they change anything?
Yeah that’s what I thought, and I knew I’d be getting the same console no matter when I pre-ordered I just wondered if it was worthwhile waiting until the console is changed after launch, thanks 😀

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  1. They’re probably not changing anything between now and launch. It doesn’t matter when you pre-order, you’re going to get the same console as everyone else.

    If you want to wait until they change something, you’d be waiting for a year or so after launch, at least.

  2. It really depends on you my friend. Do you want a Play station 4? I’ll be honest if I did have enough money I would buy it but I’m trying my best to save up for it. But I have doubts this is a new console what if it has bugs and glitches so I’m worried it might not be as good. I’m just thinking the next version would be even better. Let’s see what happens.

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