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is the Xbox One Worth getting or not?


I’m planning to get a Xbox One but everyone seems to hate it. i don’t know why so should i get it or is it really bad as they say it is?

if not please explain why.

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  1. I have Xbox 360. I am pretty much happy with that. One thing which bothers me is the cost of the games. They are even expensive than PS3. And also XBOX with XBOX Live is like nothing. Whereas PS3, its not like that. But I am still voting for Xbox 360.

    About Xbox One, the games would look better than 360. But that comes with huge price (cost/Live Subscription/Internet) etc

  2. 1. Has to be connected to the internet every 24 hours. About 1/2 the gaming population can’t do this.

    2. You can play used/borrowed games ONCE and only once

    3. Kinect has to be plugged in to turn on the console

    4. Microsoft is sponsoring Monsanto and politicians that are trying to control the internet.


    5. You HAVE to have a camera plugged in when you turn it on and you HAVE to connect it to the internet every day? Sounds a little suspicious to me.

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