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Is there a cable that i can use to connect my xbox 360 to a phone jack?



  1. No, the only connection for the 360 is the ethernet connection. A phone connection would be too slow to play any online games or download any demos.

  2. No,

    If you are looking to connect the Xbox to the internet, you need the supplied ethernet cable. You have to have a high speed service provider to take advantage of the online gaming capabilities of the Xbox.

    Good Luck!

  3. if your looking for xbox live you need a moodem then a ethernet cable you get a modem by scribing to hi speed internet such as comcast or verizon dail does not work for xbox 360

  4. Why? and No!

    why would you want to connect it to a phone jake? Not for internet, because 1. you ether have to dial out, or 2, you need to connect to a modem to read in the signals.

    There MIGHT be same cable that goes through phone lines to NETWORK computers together, so you could network xbox 360’s together. but I haven’t seen one.

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