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Is Xbox live free?



  1. Xbox Live Silver is free.

    Xbox Live Gold costs $60/year.

    You need Xbox Live Gold to play games online, otherwise a Silver account will still let you use the internet, send messages to friends, download updates, and access the Marketplace to buy games, addons, and movies.

  2. It is but you need GOLD to playing online with friends which is not free, but you get free GOLD for about a month when you create a new xbox account. Not sure if it still works.

  3. Technically, on an Xbox One console it CAN be, but only if there is at least 1 account on the console you’re using that has a Gold Subscription. On the XB1, only 1 gold subscription is required and all other profiles can use it.

    Otherwise no, it’s not. If you’re on 360 or you’re the only one using an XB1 console then you need to have a Gold Subscription to use online features.

  4. there used to be a japenese game that tells you xbox live codes and microsoft points but its patched

  5. No, Xbox live is not free of course. But when you buy good multiplayer supported games, you might get a one month or 3 months xbox live gold membership for free. There is also xbox live silver membership which is free but it is very limited to its functionality.

  6. It depends on the version that you want, gold version costs money, but I believe that silver is free.

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