Home Playstation Forum my ps3 is in demostration mode?

my ps3 is in demostration mode?


ive tryed a differant hard drive,ive also tryed the flash drive with the update on and still carnt get out of demo mode please help?
ive done that my flash is in fat 32 and ive done all you said still no good im just stuck

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  1. Demonstration mode cannot be removed on demo PS3s as far as I know. With the old models, there was a code that you typed in to temporarily disable it. Don’t know if that ever changed with the Slim. The console was never meant to be owned by consumers.

  2. You probably didn’t put the update on the flash drive properly, and your flash drive probably isn’t formatted to FAT32. Format your flash drive to FAT32 FIRST, and then on the flash drive make two folders. Call one “PS3” and the other “UPDATE” and they MUST be in CAPS. Put the update itself into the UPDATE folder and put the UPDATE folder into the PS3 folder, and it WILL work.

    Hope that helps.

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