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My xbox 360 has 3 flashing red lights but will turn on?


I have never overheated my 360 before and have looked after it. Me and my mate went onto GTA 4 and would load up, I moved the analogue stick and it crashed. We restarted it and 3 flashing lights came on, though, it will turn on, but the 360 would not load up, not even the 360 start up screen. All my wires are plugged in properly, including the power cable. We are here clueless since i have never been on it longer then over 5 hours, and the last time i played it was 4 days ago ands that was for 1 hour. I dont play on it longer then half an hour a day.

I would like someone to explain what the fault could be. The 360 is not very new, but i’ve never had any problems like this before, except when i accidently kicked out the power cable, 4 flashing lights appeared, but it then stopped. This is really annoying me and i dont have enough money to get it fixed.


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  1. lets get this stright 3 flashing lights is cords are places wrong 3 soild lights is rrod what u got

    overheating is not the problems as people think overheating is 2 lights 3 lights is hardware failer

    this is free repair just call microsoft 1800-4my-xbox and they sends u a pre paid box and everything and all u do is drop it off at ups and wait

    3 lights u have a 3 year warranty

    then the system and everythign came with it in that box has a 1 year warranty controllor cables any problem with the xbox unless u caused

    since this aint u but here just little info after a warranty is up it cost 107 dollars after tax for the repair and gusse what u get other 1 year warranty wiht it

  2. thats the ring of death. ur xbox 360 is broken u can send it back to xbox and theyll send u a new one no matter how long uve had ur xbox

  3. you can ship it to microsoft, and they’ll fix it for free. they know they messed up and it’s a hardware problem you can’t fix yourself. this is the typical red ring of doom.

  4. if your warranty is up like mine was then you gotta fix it yourself or pay 14o bucks (rip off)

    luckily the fix isn’t too hard

  5. If it’s within the extended 3 year warranty (like you haven’t opened it) for 3 red ring errors then MS is your best option.

    Otherwise if it’s out of warranty/been opened then I sell x-clamp fix kits on ebay.co.uk for £4 + p&p which should sort the issue. Thousands of people have fixed their Xbox 360s with my kit. It’s simply a replacement for the x-clamps with the right sized bolts, washers and a sachet of thermal paste to replace the awful MS thermal pads + my repair guide is v good with lots of pics and is really easy to follow:

    [url is not allowed].

  6. If its 3 red ring, press the top of the xbox with the inside of your wrists a couple of times along the top. If its 4 rings, Its gone, sorry.

    It happend to mine,

    3 lights = Your laughing

    4 lights = Gone forever

  7. The 3 red lights happens when the GPU and the CPU take too much heat and it means that your console and the soldering has become loose!

    How do you fix it?

    Well you need to know how to stop the heat building up on the 2 main chips that are mentioned above.

    Once you do this it will work again or of course you can send it back to Microsoft and they will do it for you.

    Hope this helps!

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