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need help with Xbox in HD?


I have an HDMI cable and on both HD TV’s i have ive tried to play in HD, by using the HDMI cable, but there is a little delay in my movements. When i move left it takes a split second for it to register on the screen and it throws everything off. Is it because the HDMI or the TV? I’ve tried it on more then one TV. Do i need regular HD AV jacks that Xbox has? Need help. thanks.

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  1. A lot of TVs add signal processing that can slow down games just enough to be a problem. If your TV has a “Game” mode, try using that setting as it turns off a lot of the extra processing.

  2. it is because of the tv

    my tv is really big and the movements are delayed you will get used to it but if you cant then call the tv company or some tv expert

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