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Need help with Xbox Live!?


Ok, so I got a lot of money for Christmas and decided to spend it on a gold membership. But every time I try to buy it, it says ‘Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please try again later’ it’s done this ever since I got free Xbox live. IT’s SO FRUSTRATING!!

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  1. Ok, well if your getting through and connecting to xbox live it’s not your connection, I’ve heard this a lot though, and mostly it’s due to entering wrong information, or missing information, even such as something that isn’t required like a phone number. Call x.b.l. customer support and they will help you, which has helped many others.

    If this helps please select best answer, thanks.

  2. 1. can you actually connect to live

    2. are you on credit card? if not go and buy it from the shop £37 ($50) and redeem it

    if on credit card wait a couple days or complain to microsoft

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