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PS3 Data Transfer methods?


want to upgrade my old Fat lady 40GB edition to an upgraded 250GB , my only annoying factor is i wanna keep everything from my 40GB and put it on my 250GB

I have a few PSN Games such as MAG, Guardian of light sonic the headge hog some that are 1-2Gb or MAG whihc is 4.8Gb and several game data that i cannot be arsed re-installing

what methods are they to do this properly

2 playstations transfer? – will it have to formatt everytime i move it to a new console e.g. new hardrive in cousins ps3 copy it to that then put it into mine

External Hard drive?

Willing to best answer if a clear Concise answer of guide is given

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  1. you can transfer your original game to another blank disc for a backup and then upgrade your ps3 as you wish, it’s not difficult with the help of some game backup software and a dvd burner, good luck.

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  2. heyy i was going to get a new ps3 ans was considering the same thing your thinking i would recommend using the data transfer from the 40gb to the 250gb, it will format the 40gb but if you have the new 250gb you wont need your 40gb any more (at least i think not) also if your planning on selling your 40gb after you would want it to be formatted to no1 can access your old stuff after they have bought it i.e accounts and photos etc.

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    hope that helps you out

    a storage device would work but im not sure it would copy your PSN games across properly as they are linked to your account and you may have to re download them all.

  3. well if you want everything transferred to your PS3 then you will need an external hard drive with enough space to backup all your data go to:

    1. system settings and go to backup utility

    2. select backup select yes and yes

    3. if you have an external hard drive that the PS3 supports it will appear there, if not do a format of the external hard drive from your PC

    just wait until the data gets fully backed up then you’re set here’s a youtube video of someone doing all these steps plus inserting a new hard drive on the PS3

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  4. Simple follow these steps for both systems:-

    link both systems with an Ethernet cable

    switch on and select the correct AV channel

    Settings>system settings>data transfer utility

    Then for the older model select 1 and the newer system 2.

    Wait for the copy

    You CANNOT copy trophies nor can you earn new ones unless both are synced online with the same account , but other than that you’d have effectively cloned you old PS3. It will take a few hours though so allow yourself at least half a day (or maybe just before bedtime)

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