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PSN User Downloading?


I bought Fifa 12, and a psn card to buy the uefa addon. i redeemed the psn card onto MY account (lets call it account A) but i used the online pass on my dad’s account (account B). Is there someway for me to install the purchase from A onto account B? I’m really upset ’cause my dad wanted to play uefa online and now he can’t. Please help!!

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  1. any add-ons you buy with one account are available for all users on the same ps3 , just install it and it’s available for both accounts.

    The only things that are account specific are playstation home items and avatars

    usually an online pass allows all users on the same console to play online , if this game does not allow it you’d need to buy another pass for online play on the second account , you cannot give content to users on another ps3 or share an online pass that way either. just on the same ps3.

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