Home Playstation Forum Sending broken PS3 to Sony tomorrow! URGENT!?

Sending broken PS3 to Sony tomorrow! URGENT!?


I live in Ireland and my 60gb ps3 got the Yellow light of Death. I sent it to a console repair shop but they couldn’t fix it. So i’m going to send it to sony, but i need to know, i know that you lose your hard disk data but what happens to your Playstation Network account and Playstation Home and Store? Will i have to make a new account? Also, do Sony send me back the same PS3 or a different one?

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  1. Sony will only change your console ONLY IF it is badly damaged and it is under warranty period. If not, you’ll just have to buy another one.

  2. You still keep your PSN. I’m pretty sure you get the same PS3, so when you get it back just make a user, and sign in into your PSN.

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