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Should i buy a playstation 3?


I bought an xbox 360 last year and it was modded and i couldn’t play online. I really want to play cod black ops online and ps3 has god of war and some other games that I like.

Should I buy a ps3?

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  1. i would if i was you it is really nice console check this out if you are looking for a cheap playstation with playstation move 🙂 [url is not allowed].

  2. yeah to play onln u shud get a ps3 as onln play requires u to have a genuine system and if u have 2 get a genuine system, ps3 blows x360 away cuz- 0. genuine games on both the consoles are almost equally expensive, 1. gfx shaders r better, 2. joinin PSN n multiplayer gamin is free unlike X360’s multiplayer which requires a paid membership!!

  3. do it! you will not regret it!, the ps3 is the greatest games system ever! and the online is better cause there isnt a bunch of stuck up snobs that thing gaming is there life, most ps3 users play for fun, not for serious matters (or think they are playing for serious matters.

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