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Should I get a PS3 or not?


I have always wanted a PS3 since it came out but I never had the money. I already have a PS2 but the good games that are out really stink. I do not have an HD tv so the graphics won’t be much better so I would only buy it for the games. Is this a good investment?

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  1. Man it doesn’t matter if u have hd tv or not , the graphics on the ps3 look much better than ps2 without hd tv.

    The ps3 is worth all the money man , it is the console of the future.(And the present)

  2. i would think so!! ive had my ps3 for 4 months and its awesome! and its okay if you dont have an HDTV, the graphics will still look great.

  3. yeah i think it is an upgrade for ps2 time is now because of all the phenomenal games of ps3 out now or coming out so yeah it is

  4. try waiting for the price drop but sadly i have heard somewhere that the price drop rumor was a fake and really if sony has a price drop it may be because they are taking out some other things. BUT if they aren’t taking out and components or so buy it if there is a price drop. since it wont last long. Sony had a price drop for the ps3 a few years ago and it lasted for a week or so

  5. i bought one without a hd tv and its not only the graphics (they are noticeably different) but its the way the games play they are 20 times more realistic than a ps2, and there is a built in blue ray player, you can buy movies, online and download them to the system, and you can buy games online, the only thing i would recommend is getting the 80gb model i didnt and i had to sell all my ps2 games cause they wouldnt work, but i think its a good investmen

  6. It’s not the end of the wolrd if you don’t. Just wait a bit they’re are rumours surfacing the internet about price drops but be warned these rumours have been around since January. A price cut was supposed to happen in March. Were in July now.

  7. I agree with Jack. Rumor has it that in August the price will drop by $100. I’m getting one if it’s true! 🙂

  8. Yah i’ve been convinced that the PS3 is a gud buy

    WOW didnt kno the rumor of the ps3 drop in august im gonna get mine on my birthday(aug)

  9. wait. soon there will be a large deal they will cost much less than they do now like up to $75-100 less. ive had one since around december. the games cost a bit less than 360 but more than wii. the new controller less 360 is coming soon so i would say.Yes. get the ps3 get it get it now its a good choice

  10. I would wait a couple of months because there is supposed to be a price drop to PS3 by up to $100!

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