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Skyrim DLC Dawngaurd Xbox360 won’t work. Help!?


Ok i got up this morning before work and downloaded Skyrim’s *NEW* dlc “Dawngaurd” and i it downloaded easily and my game had an update also. soooo i said, “Why not!”. Start playing it and Dawngaurd quest begins. I fast travel to Riften stables and take a slight jog towards my new questline and it FREEZES!! so i turn it off and try it again. freezes again. i tried deleting the update and it won’t load up Dawngaurd. i’ve tried re-updating and that won’t work either it just freezes when i fast travel, go through doors, and/or leave towns. I’m very close to hurling myself down a flight of stairs! HELP! 🙂

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  1. At least you get to experience the flawed dawngaurd extras, i freeze at the loading screen 🙁 damn you bethesda and your faulty patch

  2. I think its a bug because when i try and play it, my world doesn’t load up and i fall through the world.

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