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What great 360 games to get from January to March 2009?


My birthday is March 26. I’m trying to get some sweet games for my birthday. Since i think halo 3 odst comes out in fall 2009 I can’t get it =(. I don’t want to get Halo wars. Suggest any games other than those 2 and wwe smackdown vs raw 2009, I might get call of duty 5 though.

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  1. Yeah Killzone 2 is only for PS3, unless you were joking. I’d say Skate 2, Resident Evil 5, Fear 2: Project Origin, Ninja Blade, Street Fighter 4, Lord of the Rings: Conquest, and Star Ocean 4 are good ones.

    Also 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. If you like terrible games.

  2. Resident Evil 5

    and IF you have a ps3 Killzone does come out for ps3 only so if you have a ps3 get that because it looks like the only good game besides metal gear solid and little big planet, that way you wont have your ps3 just laying on there and only using it for blu ray

  3. Lord of The Rings Conquest – Jan. 13th

    Skate 2 – Jan. 20th

    Splinter Cell: Conviction – Feb. 2nd

    Godfather II – Feb. 10th

    Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection – Feb. 10th (if you’re into classic SEGA Games)

    Street Fighter IV – Feb. 17th

    Resident Evil 5 – Mar. 13th

    Those will probably be the best titles going into the first quarter of 2009. I’ll post a link of other release dates after March for upcoming XBOX360 titles.

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