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Why is my PS3 always doing a 3 beep shutdown?


I know the 3 quick beep means the PS3 is doing a forced shutdown. For some reason these days it is happening to me. See below for details of the situation:

1. I wanted to play MW3 online, so I sign into PSN. My whole friend list doesn’t show up when I signed in.

2. I signed out, checked my connectivity, everything succeeds. Went to sign in again, message pops up saying PS3 online is going under Maintenance. Signed in again and I got in. Friend list is still having trouble loading.

3. Needed to download free maps to play MW3 (Approximately 200 MB). Went to download it at Playstation store, it took almost an HOUR.

4. Played online for an hour. No freezing and no lagging occured. I quit the game. Then turned off PS3 from the main menu. Then 3 beeps occured. The hdd indicator was not flashing when I was turning it off.

5. I got worried, and tried it again by signing into PSN and then signing out, then turning it off. PS3 still forced shutdown (3 beeps occured).

6. Got worried even more, and played Sleeping Dogs for like 30 minutes Offline, without even signing in. Turned off the PS3 and no beeps.

I could not find anything about PSN under Maintenance in the internet. Is something wrong with my PS3. My internet connectivity is shown at 100%.

Please help, Thanks

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  1. when you shut off the ps3 do you use the controller or hold the power button down? holding the power button resets the console and beeps 3 times , you may be doing the shutdown wrong?

    when you have finished a game and want to quit first quit out of any online multiplayer mode , if you are not playing online then you can continue the shutdown.

    tap the ps button on the controller , you’ll see a menu pop up with options to turn off the controller , quit game or shutdown system if you hold it long enough , but you just need to tap it and get to the xmb menu.

    you can either choose quit game , or you can access the friends list , messages or music on the hdd and play it during many games , choose quit game if that’s what you want to do

    now scroll tot he left of the xmb and to the top , you’ll see the option to shutdown system , if downloading a game or demo in the background you can also check a box to auto shutdown after the download completes

    that’s the proper way to shut off the ps3 , of you can use the long ps button press and shutdown that way , but make sure the game is not loading or saving.

    you may have not quit the online game , if you’re still logged into the games online server it will be loading or saving data onto the system and if you shutdown then it can corrupt your hdd

    since your ps3 is new and probably has very few game saves just copy the saves onto a flash drive and restore your ps3 , that will remove any corrupted files that may be on the system – or you can delete and reinstall the game data from the games you have and then re-download the dlc , the dlc may have downloaded or installed with corrupted files

    finally check your download speed and upload speed , and the nay type to see if your connection is fast enough or restricted , 100% signal means nothing really , just that your 100% of the available connection speed , it could still be 100% of a slow connection or a restricted connection

    do a connection test on the ps3 , this will show your speeds , nat type and upnp availability – nay type 2 is good , type 3 is restricted – unpn should be available or you will have to enable upnp in your routers settings ( this opens the more common gaming ports in the firewall ) – and a good speed is 2 or more mbps ( faster is best ) download and 1mbps or higher upload

  2. Hmm, try going to the Network Settings and turning the Media Server off. I know when the media server is on it makes the system have crap loads of issues. If that doesn’t work, then try resetting the PS3 to default settings and it might fix. If it’s still having issues, contact Sony and ask them, here’s the email address:

    [url is not allowed]

    Hope that helps.

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