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with the new xbox 360 slim do you need a wireless adaptor to get internet access?


or does the wi-fi feature inside of it find the router?

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  1. Xbox Slim has built in wifi

    Nearly silent when compared with the original 360. It sounds like a well engineered machine and not a rattly jet engine. Its a little quieter then my wii.

    – Smaller with a sexier look. That includes the power brick, which is a little more than half the size of the original.

    – Built in wireless N and its fast.

    – Integrated optical audio.

    – 5 usb ports.

    – Internal, but easily accessible 250gb HDD on the bottom of the console.

    – Uses half the power of the original.

    – Works with most of the old accessories, including the transfer cable.

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  2. The New Slim includes a Wi-Fi Module, so you can connect wirelessly to a router or plug in.

  3. no its built in wifi so u dont need 2 buy that 100 dollar wiffi finder junk cuz its finally built in wooo!

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