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X Box 360 Connection?


Is it possible to hook up a X box 360 from a laptop that is connected to a wireless router with a ethernet cable from the 360 to the laptop and have x box live work?

Wireless Router ))))))))))))))) Laptop–X box 360

)))) = Wireless – = Cable (Ethernet_)

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  1. Nope sorry I actually tried to do the same thing myself!

    The Xbox 360 needs to be connected straight to the router or you need to buy Xbox version of there wireless connection. It s a big rip off if you ask me. I just bought a long patch that will make it to my modem to my Xbox.

    Sorry Buddy.

  2. yes u can but warning you right now your gonna make your laptop motehrboard have a 6-1 year lifespawn the uploading all u do on your 360 playing on line is crazy and destorys motehrboards

  3. Yes that is possible, if your using Windows XP make sure you are logged on as an Administrator, go to the Control Panel, Double click on Network Connections and on the Advanced Tab check the Box that says; Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection. Turn on your Xbox and you will be connected to Xbox Live! – However it is more than likely you will have a Strict NAT so you might not be able to connect to Friends games and you may Lag a bit!

    Best to buy a Wireless adaptor second hand.


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