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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise PS3 gameplay


No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise PS3 gameplay

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Playthrough Part 1 (PS3)


  1. @Final FantasySeven how do you make memory of a demon work on the ps3 controller (dualshock, not the move controller)? I'm like 1/3 into the game and can't figure it out, it's frustrating. It's not automatic is it? I read it involves shaking the controller. TY in advance if you reply!! :)

  2. @45hotboy You don't need the Move to play this game, you can play it perfectly with the Dualshock controller.

  3. you know, when you go into death blow mode and move the analog stick in the specified direction twice, the death blow does more damage and can kill enemies close to the one your finishing off.

  4. @theftrecordings Is that the Speed Buster boss level? First of all, do you have the Tsubaki Mk-III and all of its upgrades? It helps to get those upgrades because the last upgrade requires no more charging of the weapon and the Memory of Demon technique which you can unlock by finding Lovikov Balls works very well since it is a strong attack against anyone.

  5. im stuck on boss 8 level. the last two guys before the boss keep beating me. im not playing on easy.

  6. Who's Travis's voice actor? If I didn't know any better I'd say he reminded me of Raiden from Metal Gear Solid.

  7. whew, this is MUCH better, just watched a vid about the wii version, damn my eyes started bleeding from that shitty graphic

  8. Thank god. For fuck sakes I couldn't find a walk through of this game without a fucking commentary. I just like to set back and watch a dude play a game that I don't have without having to listen to some neckbeard go off about the "graphics", or "when it came out", or "how the company come up of the idea" and a bunch of useless bullshit. Thank you 

  9. played this on the Wii, hell of alotta fun! would really love to see this as an anime feature film as well

  10. hey great video. i have the japanese version so i'm using your video to learn the controls. most of the ps3 lets plays skip the tutorial; thanks buddy!

  11. Thanks for sharing.
    It kind of reminds me of WET. That was a funny game, the graphic, pace shifting, colors, etcoetera.
    Cool! Must try it someday!

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