Home Xbox Forum Should i get an Xbox 360? Is there something better later?

Should i get an Xbox 360? Is there something better later?


I am planning to use my money i get from my birthday (Nov 25th) the holidays to buy a Xbox 360 Elite. But it has been out for 8 years. And i want to know if i should wait a little longer because they might have something better coming out in the nest year or so. And dont say anything like “Get a PS3” because i dont want that. I want to know if there is going to be anything better than the Xbox 360 coming out in the next year or so. So. Do you think i should wait? Or buy it because it is really cheap now.

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  1. Um, the 360 has only been out for 4 years. The Elite version has only been out for 2. Buy it. Microsoft says they plan to keep the 360 around until at least 2012 so you have plenty of gaming time left.

  2. Go for it, the 360 should be fun for many years to come. And Microsoft is expanding on it next fall with the Natal project. Google it if you don’t know about it, it’s amazing. Great time to buy an xbox. I’m very happy with mine. The next xbox is the 540, which is essentially a slim 360. It’d be a long wait though and the differences should be minimal.

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