Home Playstation Forum what does jail breaking your PS3 do?

what does jail breaking your PS3 do?


i want to jailbreak my ps3, and i want to know what will it do? is it better with it or without? what does it do exacly? and also where can i find a jailbreak usb? can i buy it like at office depot or somewhere? or do i have to order them online? and i just updated the newest version Jan. 27.011 i believe it was. do i have to have a certaint update to jailbreak it? thanks!

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  1. The newer update patched the jailbreak, but the hackers have already broken thru that patch you just have to wait till the update the packages. Second the USB part is not sold via a store technically in that you just need a USB cable to transfer the jb package, and even iPhone can be used to put the jailbreak on your system.

    Jailbreaking will just allow you to run games without the disc, like from a backup or something, and in the future home brew apps. Very few exist because the jailbreak is relatively new, but I’m sure there will be plenty on the future. I’ve never jb a ps3 beforre, but please research other sites about the topic before you attempt. I know with jailbreaking iPhones I get so pissed when people just take the first piece of advice as absolute truth, and end up f ing their devices up.

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