Home Playstation Forum I want to hook my ps3 to my pc monitor?

I want to hook my ps3 to my pc monitor?


I have found this little piece of hardware and I was wondering if this would work.

[url is not allowed]

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  1. Not sure but if it does you will only get video out of it. You will have to send audio to another device that can output it. Read the reviews on that link. One guy said it didn’t work for his PS3 but I’m wondering if it’s because he didn’t change his output setting

  2. No that won’t work. That’s not a converter but an adapter. It simply connects certain wires from the HDMI side to the VGA side. It’s made for PCs that can output a VGA signal using a HDMI port.

    The PS3 is not such a device. It only knows how to output a HDMI signal on its HDMI port.

    You need a true converter which will be a box you plug into the wall, and then plug the cables into it because it needs to do a lot of math to convert HDMI down to VGA. Don’t expect the results to be very good, either. You’re going to see a marked drop in video quality and maybe even some lag.

    It would be better if you just bought a small HDTV and used that as a computer monitor (which is what I’m doing.)

    Otherwise if your monitor supports DVI, you can use that and just get a HDMI->DVI cable or adapter. (DVI uses the same signal as HDMI, except for the audio which is why this works.) DVI doesn’t support audio so you’ll need to use the PS3’s A/V cable and connect the red/white cables to a stereo, surround system, or pair of speakers (you can use an adapter to make it a 3.5mm headphone jack too.) Ignore the yellow cable (composite video.)

    Finally, you’ll have to make sure the video settings on your PS3 support the resolution of the monitor (720p or 1080p) and set the PS3 to use analog audio (the red/white cables.)

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