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Should I buy an xbox 360 or a pc?


I’m already have a ps3 and I’m trying to decide which to get with it – a pc with a fairly good graphics card, or a 360. The 360 will give me Halo and Forza, while the pc will give me diablo, starcraft, and WoW. I can’t spend for than 1500 on a pc.

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  1. 360, because it has a more active community and all the good gaming computers that will play games fast cost like $1500+. I say stick with consoles. but be sure to get the new slim version.

  2. Actually you Can have both if you want, the good gaming PC it cost around $900, the Xbox 360 slim 250GB cost about $300, you still have about $200 or more left over to buy some Games.

  3. Pc would cost you much of a price. And needs update almost at many new games!

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