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Anyone want to record Xbox 360?


Would anyone like to make a Let’s Play with me? I’m looking for people who can or are able to record Xbox 360 footage. I record my own Let’s Plays but would like more than screen to actually use when i edit a video otherwise it’s a bit boring just to watch one screen

Games that I’m interested in getting recorded (in no order)


Black Ops 2


Grand Theft Auto 5

My YouTube channel which the finished video would be released on: [url is not allowed]

My gametag is: KELLxxBELL

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  1. Your channel trailer seems to be smaller than the box what happened to that compared to your other vids :P?

    Im a youtuber and like to collab with others, my GT is a1frostbite0001.

    Luke Games is my channel (see picture to the left)

    Heres my channel –

    [url is not allowed].

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