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Assassin’s Creed Russia Xbox One Gameplay – Let’s Play AC Russia


Assassin's Creed Russia Xbox One Gameplay - Let's Play AC Russia


  1. I hope that we will get a full Russia experience in a AC Game. that would be cool the reds will be assassin's and the whites the Templar's.

  2. It`s nice that you play this game as though is an awesome thing, and it actually seems pretty lame.

  3. AC : Chronicles China was actually a beautiful and pretty fun to play 2D game. The Fun / Cost ratio was very good and I've spent couple hours trying different playstyle approach. When AC : Chronicles India came out, I quickly grabbed it, hoping for the same dont't-think-too-much fun. Unfortunately, I can't say exactly what happened, but the game got a little bit "meh…", the additional features didn't really improved the gameplay and the visual, while more colorful, was way less impressive than the first one.

    And then came AC : Chronicles Russia. Man… this game is a nightmare to play… I don't know why, I don't how they did that, but it's borderline painful to finish it. And man, it's grey and ugly… A sad sad ending for a cycle that started so well :(

  4. Let's be honest, this is just a fancy remake of the original Prince of Persia, minus the excellent slicy door trap things.
    but everyone here is probably too young to remember that.

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