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How do I convince my mom to let me buy a ps3?


About 6 months ago I broke my xbox on purpose because my mom said it was controlling my life. The thing is, nothing in my life has changed since I broke it. So I pretty much broke it for no reason, and now I want to buy a new one. I’m currently in 2 extra curricular classes and I’m receiving decent grades. So I’d like to know how I can convince my mom to let me buy a ps3 with my own money.

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  1. Figure out why she will not let you get one and then compromise accordingly.

    From what you said, trying to convince her is a waste of time, so I would just forget about getting another game console until you no longer live under her roof.

  2. If you are old enough, get a work permit.

    I make $50 a week as a 14 year old and I bought my own PS3 within a month and a half or so.

    Or, wait for your birthday.


    I would let your son buy the PS3. One I had mine for about 1 year. 0 problems. There is the epic playstation move. It is the work out thing on PS3. You can play some fun games also. Then you have blu-ray. HD is amazing. I have gotten better grades for some odd reason having a PS3. I went from B, B, B, B-, C+, A. To A, A, A, A, A, A, A.

    I have got those grades because it taught me to keep my grades up or my PS3 GOES.

  4. well the game system obviously isnt controlling your life. If thats your moms (LOL I SAID YOUR MOM) best argument then you’ve got her beat. Too bad moms can’t accept defeat like that. Oh and just dont yell at her that was a bad move for me

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