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How much does it cost to repair an Xbox 360?


I have stopped using my Xbox for about a year now because I got a PS3, but now I am looking to sell both.

Whenever I tried to use my Xbox, it was unable to read the game disc. I could get it to work after opening and closing/turning on and off for about 15 minutes. It isn’t the red ring of death. It just doesn’t read the game right away.

So how much would it cost me to send it in to Microsoft for repairs?

(It’s past warranty and has already been repaired once by Microsoft, but I forgot for how much).

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  1. first off i suggest pressing the eject button rapidly opening and closing, the laser could be jammed and this could un jam it. otherwise you could threaten to throw it at the person you are selling it to if they dont give u the money 😀

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