Home Playstation Forum Is it ok to play my ps3 on a plasma tv?

Is it ok to play my ps3 on a plasma tv?



  1. It’s okay to play your PS3 on a plasma TV. Just make sure you don’t leave a still image on the screen for too long because it causes screen burns on Plasma TV.

  2. yes , unless it is a plasma tv made before 2007 it has anti burn in protection on the tv , look in the tv settings to see if it needs to be set to on ( some are always on , others you have to turn anti burn in on )

    I have been playing ps3 ( sometimes 8 hours at a time ) on a Samsung plasma tv for 3 years and it’s fine ( and it’s actually better than my friends lcd tv;s )

  3. Derp, if your plasma was not made before like 2006, then you do not have to worry about burn-in, you can play and do whatever you want.

    If your plasma really is old, then just don’t leave the same image on the screen without movement for like a day, otherwise it may burn-in, MAY, these days plasmas don’t burn in or if they do, the picture needs to be still for at least 3 days.

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