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is there a way to download a game for xbox 360 on pc and transfer to its hard drive?


I have bought call of duty 4 and it has gotten too scratched up to start up on the cd. Is there a way to download the game just like you would install the game and put it onto the xbox and then try to use my crappy disc to try and start up the xbox?

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  1. You can try to fix the cd itself. If you have a local video game store they can probably fix it for a price. When my games or movies get to scratched to play or work, I rub toothpaste(not a sandy textured toothpaste, more liquidy type) on the cd and let it sit for 10 minutes and. It helps restore the scratches.ofcourse you should wash the toothpaste off the disc ( with thumb and water) before use. Good luck

  2. No. You might try borrowing or renting a copy to install on your hard drive. Just pray your scratched up copy can still be read enough for the copy protection to pass.

  3. The links should be used as a last resort, first you should ask your local game retailer I.E. GameStop, Best Buy, or the like what you can do. Look at the first and last links first, then the middle, which looks suspect to me.

    Here is one solution if this happens a lot; [url is not allowed]

    This may or may not work: [url is not allowed]

    Here is a more official version: [url is not allowed]

    I wish you the best.

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